Continuous application of technology to deliver you more efficient and effective on-line auction experiences is a journey in itself.  Whether it’s a new mobile application, a superior bidding platform, or innovative on-line product research capabilities, Bid Venues is committed to evolve for your improved access to the best auction technologies.


Bid Venues’ goal is to provide you convenient, secure access to unreserved products not easily obtained elsewhere.  Much of our inventory is new but we also accept consignments of distressed, freight damaged and used merchandise conforming to our buyer’s expectations.  Our auctions are unreserved and begin with low starting bids.


Integrity in the auction business will strike some experienced bidders as an oxymoron – a contradiction or patina marketing veneer.  Nonetheless Bid Venues was founded on this very principle and we believe high integrity business practices integrated with great products accessed through applied technology changes the course of the auction business.



A one time registration with BidSpotter is required to bid and you can do it through our website by clicking on the AUCTIONS tab above, select an auction, click on the VIEW CATALOG button, and click on the REGISTER button.

Sign Up To Bid

You need to sign up for each auction you want to participate in. Just click on the AUCTIONS tab above, select an auction, click on the VIEW CATALOG button, and click on the SIGN UP TO BID button.

Add Card

Your bank card information is needed in order to participate in our auctions. As you’re signing up to bid, make sure all your information is updated, including your bank card number.


Increase your winning chances with the Max Bid feature. As lots close throughout the day, it may give you the edge you need to beat the competition and be the winner. Max bids are confidential and reliable.

The latest Bid Venues News

Need lumber?

June 21st, 2017|0 Comments

We have it...  Almost every one of our auctions carries a wide variety of lumber & construction products.From dimensional lumber to glue-lams and OSB sheeting, Bid Venues is there for you.  Talk to us about [...]

You may think we’re a nursery…

June 21st, 2017|0 Comments

You may think we’re a nursery…  … but we’re not!  We’re Bid Venues!Our Auction #28 selection has over 200 plants ranging from short to tall, skinny to fat, deciduous to coniferous, fruit bearing to non-fruit [...]

It doesn’t get better than this…

June 21st, 2017|0 Comments

It doesn’t get better than this…  Lot 6501 is a new POWERMATIC 18” Variable Speed Drill Press starting at $5 with no reserve (like all our other LOTS) at Bid Venues Auction #28.  This bad [...]


The $5 starting bid is a Bid Venues tradition and we’re bringing it to the new platform, with improvements. In response to our Buyer’s request, the bid increments are gradual and proportional to the bid price. ($5 up to $50, $10 up to $250, etc.)


We believe that providing detailed and informative Lot presentations is important for both Buyers and Sellers. We take extra time and steps to include attributes such as specification plates, model numbers and dimensions to assist your research.


We are in constant pursuit of quality and unique products for you and we organize them into Themes and Categories. Too many auction companies randomize cast-off or distressed goods that can’t be liquidated by other means.


Our new bidding platform supports a feature that allows you to confidentially place a upper bid limit on each Lot.  The system will bid on your behalf, up to the Max Bid that you’ve entered, but only if there is another bidder actually bidding against you.

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