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We are Bid Venues, a new model auction company where world-class platform technology and a national database meets unprecedented auction management services.  We combine innovative on-line merchandise representation and social media technology, on-site inspection and pickup, convenient and secure purchasing capabilities of the BidSpotter platform with GREAT PRODUCTS to deliver unique and exciting auctions. We conduct monthly on-line auctions for merchandise that can be inspected and picked up at our Tumwater auction warehouse and yard premises.  We’ll also fully customize an as-a-service auction for your on-site unique venue and/or specific inventories. We’re here to serve retail, commercial and industrial customers along with municipal and governmental agencies.  We liquidate goods ranging from retail products to commercial supplies and industrial materials, to machines and equipment for a large variety of industries. Our team consists of hands-on owner-operators and experienced employees committed to the success of your consignments and purchases.  Our founders have deep roots in technology and are committed to successfully advancing end-to-end auction services to better serve your needs.


We’re committed to the simple principle of a virtual circle: Great products processed with robust and honest auction processes will attract intelligent bidders, who in turn will attract higher quality consignors with even greater products.  Our auction of tomorrow will be even better than the one we’re delivering today. If you have high quality inventories to liquidate, you’ll appreciate our wide range of monetization models – either consign or sell, your place or ours.  If you’re a buyer, we’ll provide you with reliable and secure on-line access to outstanding products that you may personally inspect and retrieve at our on-site premises.

Our Value-Add for Buyers:

Great products and services not easily obtainable elsewhere

Free-market commerce with no reserve, low minimum starting bids

Convenient, secure on-line AND on-site inspection, purchase and pickup access

Our Value-Add for Consignors:

World class representations (photography and descriptions) of your merchandise

Access to sophisticated buyers who’ll better understand and value your inventories

Integrated, end-to-end auction management services from consignment through fulfillment


We believe that by integrating incredible on-site products with unprecedented on-line technologies and high integrity business processes, we can deliver an unprecedented 21st century auction ecosystem for our valued customers.  We’re investing in the business of delivering ecommerce-efficiency outcomes for our customers through a unique auction marketplace for sophisticated buyers and sellers who understand the value of technology to discover and capture assets values. We’re a new kind of auction company in several respects.  We’re aiming to shift and transform the auction markets that we serve by integrating the best technologies to create incredible customer experiences – value with security and convenience.  We’re committed to earning a reputation of executing auctions with high integrity business processes and standards – a rarity in the industry.  We strive to deliver high quality products to auction that are represented accurately – you deserve nothing less.  Together with you, we implement an important and useful societal role in the repurposing of economic assets – sustainability. While exciting, the market for highly integrated, technology driven, auction services is still nascent.  Bid Venues is an early mover of technology and process using an entrepreneurial approach of test-and-learn methodology adoption.  Simply put, while our intentions are to better serve you with each and every auction that we execute, we won’t always get it right.  But we greatly value the opportunity to act on your feedback and continuously improve.  Together we will shift and transform the way that the auction industry operates.