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We’re an auction company and our goods are predominately sold through on-line auction sale formats supported with business practices designed to provide superior value to you – the Buyer. Our approach utilizes technology to make buying convenient and worthwhile, if not also entertaining and fun.

In other words, Bid Venues is committed to ensuring your auction buying is both efficient and effective. Bidders have access to a world class on-line bidding platform as well as on-site premises for physical inspections. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home or office to determine if a Bid Venues auction has inventory of interest to you, because we bring a thorough inventory display to you on-line.

Item identification and research is very easy with informative auction Lot presentations that include ample pictures and relevant descriptions. Many of our Lot pictures and descriptions will include second order information such as specification plates, model numbers and dimensions. This additional information aids you in performing on-line research and allows you to better plan your preview and inspection activities for the most bang for the buck. We know that your time is valuable.

We organize our auctions as themes and categories. You’ll appreciate our orderly Lot placement, both on-line and on-site, and you’ll appreciate the relative ease of locating Lots of interest. We schedule on-site preview of auction inventory so to allow both week-day and week-end attendance. We allow ample auction bidding time (multiple days), generous pick-up times (multiple days) and shipping services (box & pallet). Contrast that convenience and flexibility to traditional oral auctions.

The value-add continuous with great products. To that end we’re continuously in the pursuit of quality and interesting inventories to bring to market through our auctions. We both consign, with or without consignor guarantees, and directly purchase merchandise for our auctions. Our commitment is to bring you – the Bidder – relevant product content that you care about.

The industry is riddled with auction companies selling only cast-off and damaged junk that can’t be liquidated by any other means. Consignors beware, that is not our model. Much of our inventory is New or Lightly Used. But when high values warrant doing so (translate: great deal potential for you), we’ll also offer damaged, non-functional or parts-only equipment, machines, materials and supplies. But the value has to be there first, and we’ll still exercise attention-to-detail throughout the consignment, procurement and cataloging processes.

We do not use hidden reserve prices, nor do we allow consignors to buy back their inventory. Most of our Lots start at five dollars ($5.00) with low bid increments. Yet we routinely sell items with valuations of hundreds and thousands of dollars. In other words, we operate an open market driven auction.

The bidding platform supports a maximum bid feature that allows you to set an upper bid limit on each and every item. The confidential ‘Max Bid’ function will bid on your behalf only if there is another bidder actually bidding against you. Unlike oral auctions, we have a computerized record to prove each and every bid. Alternatively, if you prefer the ‘live action’ of personally making every bid increment, you’ll like how we schedule Lot closure times for each Lot. The closure times are published in our auction catalog and occur during convenient hours. Our job is to ensure integrity in your buying.

We are frequently asked by customers previewing our auctions on-site if they can buy items on the spot. This in itself is a testimonial to the quality of our inventories. We consign and procure inventory in large quantities to achieve the very low cost necessary for auctions. We may have multiples of a particular item. So ask. If we’re able to, we’ll sell an item to you on the spot. We’re an auction company, but we also support point-of-sales (POS) at our premises, especially if it helps you with your project. A unique manifestation of our hybrid model (On-Line/On-Site/Auction/POS) is that we get to know you and your projects. We may even have a recommendation or contact for you.

See our detailed ‘How To’ instructions in the FAQ section to register and get started bidding today. Or alternatively, stop in and see us, or call us.