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Bid Venues works with a variety of Consignors, representing large and small inventories, and our commissions vary accordingly. Contact us. We are especially interested in high quality goods that are of interest to our customers and we are highly motivated to work with Consignors to bring high quality wares to market.


We’re in search of new and used inventories of quality. We serve consumer, commercial and industrial markets and liquidate products, machinery, equipment as well as materials and supplies. Freight damaged and aged inventories are welcomed, but be aware that we make note of damage for the benefit of our bidders. We also purchase distressed inventories. Please contact us at 360-339-5777 or by email @ support@bidvenues.com


Yes. See below.

Bid Venues accepts a large variety of goods, materials, supplies for retail, commercial and industrial market places. This list captures some of the more troublesome areas for us.

Bid Venues DOES NOT ACCEPT the following items.

  • Anything that is ILLEGAL to sell, including controlled items such as Ivory, Certain Taxidermy, etc.
  • Anything posing a SAFETY HAZARD to our employees or customers.
  • Anything FLAMMABLE or posing a fire hazard to our premise must be identified upon consignment and is subject to rejection.
  • Anything subject to HAZMAT designations must be identified upon consignment and is subject to rejection. Examples include old containers of: paints, stains, chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.
  • LICENSED VEHICLES& TRAILERS (due to zoning restrictions) – see NOTE 1 for exemptions.
  • FIREARMS & AMMUNITION (we’re not licensed)
  • PETS that are no longer desired. (Smile); unfortunately we don’t yet have premises for livestock.
  • Equipment, Machinery or Containers LEAKING CONTAMINANTS including fuels, solvents, oils or antifreeze.
  • INAPPROPRIATE FOOD, such as opened or dirty packaging, stale goods past “pull date” expirations
  • USED PERSONAL SOFT GOODS, including mattresses, pillows, bedding, linen, clothing, shoes.
  • OBSOLETE ELECTRONICS, including TVs, Computers, Printers, Stereos & Speakers
  • LOW VALUE FURNITURE AND FURNISHINGS, interior or exterior.

Bid Venues DISCOURAGES the following items, but we’ll evaluate the overall circumstances and occasionally bend the rules.

  • LARGE SPACE CONSUMING ITEMS that must be stored inside are generally not a good fit for us.
  • USED OR DIRTY CONSUMER APPLIANCES; higher value commercial appliances welcomed.
  • USED CONSUMER GOODS that are unsorted, unorganized or in dirty containers.
  • USED HOUSEHOLD, HOME DÉCOR & DISHWARE generally is of low value and not a good fit for our venues; however, newer or full sets of value, especially those properly prepared are considered.
  • USED BUILDING MATERIALS including lumber, doors, windows.
  • USED PLUMBING FIXTURES including tubs, toilets, sinks, hot water heaters.
  • USED ELECTRICAL FIXTURES including lighting, HVAC, service panels
  • UNSORTED “SMALLS” such as mixed hardware (e.g. nails, bolts, nuts)

Bid Venues will LIKELY ACCEPT the following items, but please check with us first:

  • NEW SOFT GOODS (clothing, shoes & linen) in original packaging, preferably for bulk sale
  • FURNITURE& FURNISHINGS OF VALUE (unique antiques, quality sets & collections)
  • APPLIANCES OF VALUE (new consumer appliances, used clean commercial appliances)
  • RECLAIMED BUILDING MATERIALS of VALUE, such as HVAC components, lift apparatus, etc.
  • USED PERSONAL SPORTING GOODS OF VALUE, such as tents, sleeping bags, etc.

NOTE 1: Titled Sport Recreation Vehicles (e.g. ATV, UTV, Boats, etc.) and Construction &Agriculture Equipment (tractors, dozers, backhoes, excavators, man-lifts, etc.) are accepted and encouraged.