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Full Unit (294 count) 2X4 Studs

Lot 7000 is an illustrative example of Bid Venues bringing you a wide range of products, materials and supplies. When you bid on this unit of studs, also check out all our other building materials and supplies in our March 16th auction.

We have several types of siding including cement lap, exterior trim and interior millwork, doors and windows, hardware etc.

Heck, we have a large assortment of 6 inch GLULAMs up to 27 foot long and 18 inches high. In past auctions we’ve sold new cabinets, carpeting & pad, plumbing and electrical. Build your dreams through Bid Venues auctions. Where else are you going to find a full unit of studs at auction opening at five ($5.00) without a reserve or consignor buy-back of any kind? Bid Venues…

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