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VALUE FOR YOU Freight Damage

Check out this DEWALT Pressure Washer that we removed from the original sealed box. The Good News: It has a HONDA GX200 Engine (196cc – the bigger one) and the CAT ‘Blue’3200 PSI Pump (2.8 GPM – the bigger one) and all the accessories in factory sealed bags. The Bad News: The top of the fuel tank is “crunched” and bottom frame plate is slightly bent.

The Great News: It starts at $5 without reserve and someone is gonna get a fantastic deal – it might as well be YOU!

This Pressure Washer might be operational as-is or it might require fuel tank repair or replacement. But man, three great brands in one: DEWALT, HONDA and CAT – starting at $5 with no reserve. Come see this Value Lot in person and check out all the other exciting freight damaged merchandise available for Value Buys at Bid Venues.